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"I've been doing Ken's pull-up videos everyday for one month and my pull-up strength has gone through the roof, and my lats have gotten a lot wider looking too."


"Sometimes you need to know when it is time to cross over to the other side! I have been practicing pulling movements for months now. Today, after some slow negative lowers with a pull-up grip, I thought "you are much stronger, try it without jumping." I did and it was a success! I have never done a pull-up or chin-up or climbed a rope in my life, so this is super exciting! If you don't know where to start, go here!"


"Well I can honestly say I'm getting stronger. I can also honestly say my arms are toast."



"I was not seeing much progress at the gym with my standard weight training, so I jumped at the chance to learn from Kenneth and haven’t looked back! In the short amount of time I’ve been using CalisthenicsFit, I’ve put on more muscle and feel physically healthier than all of the previous months I put in at the gym. He has put together a great program and you owe it to yourself to check it out,  you won’t be disappointed!"


"Early morning sweat sesh. I love the combo of exercises in this plan. The mix between push/pull and upper/lower is great. At the end of every workout I feel balanced and strong."


Great, not as hard as I thought, but definitely feeling more strength in shoulders and back."


"Amazing!! 😭🙌🏼🙌🏼💪🏻! Thank you so much to Kenneth Gallarzo for the work you put into these programs!! I've felt myself stronger each workout and it's unbelievable the progress I made in the past few months! Couldn't have done it without your help! What an awesome feeling it is to be able to see and feel the difference in my body and strength from when I started my fitness journey to now!"


"Mucho bueno! Even though the numbers don't really show it, I feel the strengthening. You know what they say, "one small step for mankind. And another small step for mankind." ... just turns up the beast and I feel myself becoming more savage with each rep. Great workout!"


"Legs and tri's are stronger than ever, the little muscles are burning! But in a good way"


"I held my first handstand today. I feel awesome #milestone"


"I smashed the explosive lunges yeeeoooow. that says a lot about this program as I have had such a weak lower back that any type of movement like that was impossible. YAY."


"Damn, I love every second of this workout. Feeling the strength is being built nicely and efficiently each day. Bring it on next day."


"Endurance and core are starting to catch up. My power level is growing!!!!!"


"Great. Felt shoulders more and feeling. Love this program!!"