athlete application

World Calisthenics Organization

is currently accepting applications for Amateur Athletes interested in competing in our new Semi-Pro Battles!


Think you have what it takes?

  1. Read the rules and regulations listed below

  2. Fill out all the necessary information in the application form to the right

  3. You will be alerted via email if you have been chosen to compete

  4. Competition fee is $20 and includes a weekend pass for the Fit Expo.


 1-on-1 BattleS

  • Battles will be within a 10lb weight range.

  •  (3) 2 minute rounds with a 1 minute rest between each.

  • Each routine has a 30 seconds time limit.

  • Each opponent will have the opportunity to be both on offense and defense.

    • Offense- perform a set of moves to show up opponent; which they will attempt to replicate/top.

    • Defense- replicating and/or topping your opponent’s moves with better skill. 

 Open Tournament​s

  • 16 man single elimination competition

  •  (1) 3 minute round per bracket

  • Athlete's routine must not exceed 30 seconds at a time.

  • The winner of each round advances to the next battle

  • In the event of a Tie, each athlete will have one more attempt. 30 sec. max. 

Athletes will be judged on the following criteria in either

a 16-man open tournament or 1-on-1 Battle:


Strength: ability to perform strength and static moves

Dynamics: ability to perform power and dynamic moves

Endurance: ability to sustain activity for long period of time

Control: ability to maintain balance, smooth transitions, etc.

Technique: ability to execute movements with proper alignment

Creativity: ability to bring new moves or flows to competition